The Aim & Objectives:

  •   Bring the best people in the Arts together; artists from various parts of the world who will contribute, through their
      genre and talent, to the unity and understanding of all cultures in Music, Craft and Literature.

      Holding interactive seminars and lectures to facilitate a cross-cultural sharing of knowledge.

      Create the world’s museum of music, to provide the future generations, in perpetuity, the source of music and its
      trends. This library of world music shall be the binding factor of all faiths.

      Contribute towards paving the way to preserve heritage, art and music for future generations; by giving them this
      international platform to perform alongside some greatest artists of the world.

  •   Serve as a platform for cultural diplomacy and promote diverse tourism through seminars and  the UstadGah Music
      Therapy Centres.

      Promote the spectacular arts of India under one ‘brand’, for a 360-degree experience alongside other cultures of
      the world.

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